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What To Know About Flammable Cabinets

Many companies and industries use combustible liquids to clean machines, manufacture other products and maintain equipment. If your company uses these products, it’s essential that you be safe while using them and keep them stored correctly. Flammable cabinets are designed to protect the items inside so that they don’t catch fire or spill outward and create problems.

Flammables and combustible liquids start over 150,000 fires each year. People can get injured or even die from the flames, and your property could suffer severe damage, as well.

Flammable cabinets are usually made of a yellow colour to be bright and immediately noticeable. They will also come with (or have available) sticker signage for no smoking near them and the flammables sticker in red that showcases a fire. If you’re purchasing such a cabinet for onsite use, make sure that you have a relatively safe place indoors to store it. You should ensure that the walls are made of steel and that a powder coat finish is used that is also electrostatic. Many times, these products are designed to close by themselves, preventing accidents where people forget to close the door. They may also latch automatically, though they will not be locked (you can purchase locking mechanisms).

At EcoSpill, they ensure that the products they sell are suitable for almost any industry. They are compliant with Australian Standards 14840-2004 and are all fire-tested. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and the shelves can also be adjusted to suit tall or smaller containers. Along with such, you can purchase as many of these products as you need to ensure that any corrosive materials are in a separate place for storage. Flammable cabinets are essential and may be required in your industry, so it makes sense that you choose the best.

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