Safety Cabinets: Types and Options

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

It is imperative that you provide a safe place to store corrosive or dangerous chemicals if you must use them to do your work. Proper safety cabinets help to keep your environment and staff safe. Along with such, you are bound by national and state regulations to ensure that the substances are stored correctly, which prevents you from getting a fine.

You can choose from a variety of safety cabinets, such as dangerous goods, corrosive, and flammable versions. With them, you get a safe and secure storage facility for your dangerous materials, which helps you maintain better housekeeping practices. The cabinets are all fire tested, and the Corrosive cabinet is also designed to exceed Australian Standards AS3780-2008. Flammable cabinets can include 1.2mm steel double walls while they all offer an electrostatic powder coat finish, as well as flash arresters or dual vents for ventilation. You will also like the fact that the cabinet self-closes and latches so that you don’t risk spilling the items inside that you don’t need right now. You also get something with leak-proof containment sumps and adjustable shelving inside. However, it is important to understand that the cabinets can only be used indoors; you cannot leave them outside in the elements.

EcoSpill offers a variety of safety cabinets for your needs. The cabinets are all fully vetted, so they can help you stay organised and protect your environment and employees. When you have everything clearly labelled, you can rest easy knowing that employees can quickly determine if the product they need will be in one of the cabinets. Corrosives should be stored in blue colour-coded cabinets, and you can find products made of 100 percent polyethylene or powder coated steel with polyethylene drip trays. Flammable cabinets are yellow, and they are also made of powder coated steel and are designed not to catch fire.

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