Protect Your Property From Damp Proofing Problems

by | May 26, 2016 | Home Improvement Services

Determining if you have damp proofing problems is the first step to protecting your property. Without the proof that you have a situation, you may wait until it is too far gone to seek help. While it’s always important to consider experts like Aquapol Australia, you want to start the process before it gets too late. Otherwise, you may have to replace walls and timber to keep the home safe enough for your family.

Look Around The House

The first step is to check all around the home to determine if there are blockages, cracks or defects where water can seep in. Check your gutters, pipes and drainage system to determine if there are leaves, moss or cracks.

Signs Of Mould

If you see mould of any kind on the walls or flooring, it could mean you have condensation damp problems. This just means that there is extra moisture in the home. The warm air hits a cold wall and creates extra moisture that can’t escape, thus causing mould to form.

Check Interior Walls

If you notice water marks on the ground floor walls, it could mean you have rising damp. You may require a damp proofing expert to help you remove the moisture and replace the damaged walls.

Exposed or Old Homes

Many times, there’s nothing visibly wrong with the house. It may just be old (over one hundred years) or may be placed in an exposed area, such as by the sea. These homes may not have damp proof courses or may not be weatherised properly.

Find A Damp Specialist

While trying to do it yourself may save a little money, you don’t want to risk property damage or ill health. It is best to find a damp proofing specialist to help you fix the problems correctly.

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