Tips for Driving With 8 Stud Wheels

by | May 12, 2016 | Automotive

Are you in the process of ‘pimping up’ your ride? If so, you may have thought about getting eight stud wheels fitted on your vehicle. When you fit aftermarket alloy wheels to your automobile you can feel stylish all of the time and match the appearance of your ride to your personality. What’s more, a good set of alloy wheels could improve the vehicle’s resale value, allowing you to make money back on your investment.  Before wheel-fastening hardware is used to position them firmly in place, know how to drive well with wheels that have eight studs by using the following tips.

Light Acceleration and Braking

The appearance of your eight stud wheels will be sporty enough, so don’t feel as though you have to show off with racer-style driving habits. By accelerating and braking gently, you can avoid damaging the rubber on your tyres and affecting the wheel alignment. Constant wear and tear of this kind could result in you reaching into your pockets to afford replacements. Not only this, but careless driving could increase the chances of you hitting a kerb and scratching the alloy wheels. While we are talking about driving safely, always keep an eye on the road so that you can avoid potholes and uneven road surfaces, if possible.

Run Errands in One Go

Sure, you will want to show your new eight stud wheels off, but you should think about extending their lifespan by using the vehicle only when necessary. This will also result in your carbon footprint lowering and could save you time, so everyone wins! Aim to complete errands all at once so that you can keep your car and the wheels in good shape. Some other driving tips include steering while rolling and driving as smoothly as possible, so that the mechanical parts last longer.

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