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Michelin – High-Performance Tyres For High-Performance Cars

When most people think of high-performance cars, they think of suspension kits, nitrous oxide and turbochargers, as well as others. While they can help boost speed and performance, the best and easiest ways to get a faster car is to buy high-performance Michelin tyres and change your driving habits. You’ll notice a marked improvement just by changing the tyre options that you use. Then, if you still want more, you can consider other, more expensive options.

Tyre Needs

You will want to consider “sticky” tyres, which will help you stick to the road while driving at high speeds. Slippery ones can work well for certain driving conditions, such as when you want to drift, but for the most part, you want high performance, high speeds and the best control possible. Otherwise, you risk doing yourself and your vehicle damage.

Consider The Tyre First

When most people want to up the ante, they will spend money on modifications for the suspension and engine. While these can help, you must focus on the tyre first. This is the first contact your vehicle has with the road and conditions and if you want to go faster or have more stability, you need Michelin tyres, because they are the best and offer the most options.

Price—Be Prepared

You must be prepared to pay more before walking into any store. While it may seem easier and cheaper to choose a lesser-quality option, you won’t get the best performance possible and could do damage to the vehicle, rims, wheels and car. You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting your car just how you want it, so don’t skimp on the tyre.

You’ll notice better grip, the ability to drive through water without hydroplaning and much more. You may also want to consider staying with the same tyre that came with the vehicle, as they have done tests to ensure performance remains high. However, some people prefer a particular brand or version, so you can always change it up to meet your individual needs.


Most companies everywhere have particular phrases or words that don’t mean much to those not in the know. Therefore, you should brush up on the jargon following tyres to make sure you understand which ones are correct and which aren’t. High-performance options that say all-season probably won’t be what you want. Ultra-high-performance options may also not be what you need. In the past, ultra-high-performance versions meant the best grip, but that doesn’t necessarily ring true now.

Michelin high-performance tyres are the best option for high-performance cars. Visit Canterbury today to learn more.

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