Pain-Free Dentistry Doesn’t Have To Be A Far-Fetched Dream

by | May 18, 2016 | Health & Medical

Kids and adults seem to dislike the dentist, and most of them would love not to go. However, dental hygiene is important and getting regular cleanings and check-ups a must. Many times, a toothache brings about an irrationalised fear that something is wrong, and you’ll be in pain. Don’t be ashamed of your fear, but don’t be fearful any longer.

What To Do

Most people, when faced with the knowledge they must go to the dentist, have panic attacks, freak out, put it off or deal with the pain using OTC medications. However, this is not feasible and doesn’t have to be at all.

Pain-free dentistry is an option with today’s advancements and standards. It’s no longer a far-fetched dream that could never happen.

What Is It?

Pain-free dentistry is usually self-explanatory because it allows patients to experience a more relaxing and stress-free time while at the dentist’s office.

Your Options

Hills Dental Care offers various pain-free dentistry options. The most common option is to make you drowsy and almost put you to sleep using sedatives. Whether you choose oral or inhaled sedatives, you won’t feel anything during the process, and afterward, you won’t remember it or have any pain associated with dental treatments.

However, newer technology is available to provide pain-free dentistry, including DentiPatch. This patch looks similar to adhesive bandages and is placed onto the gums. Lidocaine is in the patch and will numb the gums and mouth. It works well for smaller procedures or when you are too scared of needles for general anaesthesia.

A tool called the Magic Wand can also be used to administer the anaesthesia so that no needles are used. However, you can still feel the pressure of the device and what the dentist is doing to your mouth.

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