Important Facts About Pool Construction And Installation

by | May 25, 2016 | Business

You’ve decided to consider a swimming pool for your backyard, and now you’ve got a lot of things to contemplate. Understanding the relevant facts when it comes to installation and construction may help you make the decisions you need to make.


Before you get too involved in the decision-making process, you want to hire a professional installer, such as Design Pools. They will dig for and build the pool and are necessary to get the job done correctly. However, choosing one can be tough, so you’ll want to consider the prices, workmanship and quality each one offers.


It is imperative to have a budget in place and to know that you’re going to go over it. It is always best to have your financial records in front of you and go through all bills and other responsibilities to determine if you can afford one and how much of one you can get.

It is usually a good rule of thumb to set the budget and plan for at least half that amount to go over. That way, if unexpected costs happen, you can still cover the expenses.

Differences Between Materials

It’s always going to be your call as to which materials are used, who to hire and what to spend. However, learning the differences between the various materials may help you make a more informed decision. The top options are concrete, fibreglass and vinyl.

Fibreglass offers a non-abrasive surface, lower maintenance needs and built-in steps/seats. They are built in a factory and can provide a quicker installation process. However, there are limited designs and shapes, they have size limitations, and sometimes the colours don’t match.

Vinyl liners have a lower initial cost but may cost more over their lifetime. You can design it to be any length, depth or width, but they’re thinner and could cause severe maintenance problems.

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