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Floor Bunding: The Smart Investment

If your business stores or handles liquids to run machines or manufacture products, you should be prepared for spills. While you probably teach people how to be careful, accidents can happen. Your employees need to feel safe while working and you must avoid any contamination of chemicals and other liquids.

Floor bunding is an excellent choice because it acts as a stopper. When something does spill, the bund stops it from going outside or into other areas of the property. That way, your employees have plenty of time to notice the spill and clean it up safely. Depending on the product, you can usually reuse the substance, which reduces waste.

Floor bunding can create barriers on the floor to keep substances separate. If you house a lot of product, you may use large drums. You can place the bund around each type of substance, which protects your assets, property, and employees. Similarly, you may choose to place the bund across the floor between departments. It is sturdy and durable, but you can still drive machines over it or walk on it without fear. While you’ll choose which option is best for you, you may decide to use a combination of separating drums of product and separating stations or rooms.

At EcoSpill, they prefer to sell and use DuraBund brands because they have a variety of sizes and material options. You can choose aluminium or urethane. They’ve also got various lengths, widths, and shapes, ensuring that you can completely contain any area. The straight pieces work well across floors between doorways, and the corner pieces can connect the straight pieces so that you can box in any area. They also ensure that installation is easy, ensuring that you can lay your floor bunding yourself or with the help of your maintenance crew.

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