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Aluminium Slat Gates: Many Benefits

If you’re looking for a gate system that is clean, creative, and contemporary, aluminium slat gates are the perfect solution. They require little maintenance but have clean lines that barely hint about the landscape behind without giving anything away. That means they are suitable for privacy, especially if you choose the slatted fencing, as well.

They can be customised to the size you need with appropriate slat sizes and spacing requirements. They can also be mounted vertically or horizontally, so you get the exact look you hope for with them. They can also be powder coated for any colour you desire.

Aluminium slat gates have many benefits over other materials. For one, they can be coloured to look like timber, which means you give the illusion of wood fencing without the hassles. Aluminium is much more durable than wood and other metals because it is lightweight enough not to require extra settings to keep it upright, but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to ensure that it looks good. While it’s not considered a full privacy option, it does give some privacy and keeps people off your lawn. Along with such, you can choose a sliding gate feature that has hidden wheels to give it the same low-profile finish as other gating systems.

At SP Screens, they understand your need to keep your property safe and secure. Their aluminium slat gates and fences come with everything you need to ensure safety. You can make sure people stay off the lawn when you’re not home, which reduces your need to water the grass. Plus, you can be sure you know when people are entering the premises; they have to pass through the gate, which can have an intercom system or security alarm installed on it to prevent unwanted entry into your home.

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