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Considerations for Plantation Shutters In Homes

Plantation shutters are a built-in window treatment, which can be affixed to your window casement. Therefore, they become an architectural feature of the home. The frame, as it were, never moves or shifts, though you can open the entire frame to get to the window outside it. Along with such, the shutter has horizontal louvres, which are mounted into the solid frame. They can tilt inwards, outwards, and up or down so that you can create airflow, reduce sunlight exposure, and control the elements a little easier. Many times, they are installed on the inside of the house, though they can be installed on the outside for decorative purposes.

Plantation shutters are beautiful and can help your home feel cosier. You can control the light that gets into the home, which allows you to have natural sunlight without ruining or fading your furniture or carpet. Along with such, they give you privacy; you can shut them whenever you desire so that neighbours can’t see inside the home. They can work well in any area of the house, though most people use them for the living room and kitchen. However, you can also utilise them in bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere else within the home.

CommandeX offers many products that are aesthetically pleasing and can help with security. Plantation shutters are no different. They look beautiful and come in a variety of colours. You can also fit them into any current window casement, making them versatile. While they aren’t designed for security purposes, they can add another barrier to the home when they are closed, ensuring that intruders have to work twice as hard to get inside. Plus, they can be used with other security measures, such as window security screens, which can’t easily be cut or kicked in. Therefore, you can protect your home while improving aesthetics.

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