Vertical Gardens – The Answer to Urban Farming and Food Security

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Home & Garden Decor

The way in which property owners and landscapers are choosing to enhance their garden is changing at a rapid rate, with vertical gardens becoming a top choice for farming and food security purposes. Gardening vertically will be an aesthetically pleasing choice for your outdoor space, not to mention kind to the environment. You can gain more information about the benefits by visiting the website, as well as by absorbing the following information relating to growing your garden ‘up’, rather than ‘down’.

Maximise Limited Outdoor Space

If you are a micro garden owner, you will really love what vertical gardens can do for your outdoor space. From using trellises to grow vegetables to stacking raised garden beds, there are multifarious ways in which you can create an allotment, minus paying to rent a large area of land! Consider the cost savings and you really are winning with this urban farming option.

Save Money by Growing Your Own Food

Buying organic fruits and vegetables at the local supermarket can be costly, so why not grow your own? You need not reside in a rural area to become a farmer, because food security can be achieved when you harvest and prune crops with vertical gardening techniques. Although you will have to invest money in the green wall products you buy, as well as some time, it will all be worth it when you are feasting on homegrown ingredients at your urban home.

Create an Element of Privacy

Vertical gardens can act as double duty, because not only can they be used for urban farming purposes but also, they can be used as a privacy screen. A privacy screen will keep your fruits and vegetables safe. What’s more, it will be more difficult for critters to chomp on what’s growing, particularly if deer or animals that can climb are known to munch on your crops.

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