Stylish And Elegant Marquee Hire In Melbourne

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Business

Many event organisers have come to realise that a marquee venue is the perfect thing for their occasion. They allow people to view the outdoors without dealing with the harsh weather conditions or hot sun. Australian weather can be unreliable, which is why marquees are in high demand in Melbourne. While it used to be that events held in the summer only required marquees, they are now being used throughout the year.

Shapes, Sizes, Styles Galore

Most people don’t realise that there are multiple shapes available, including pagoda (pointed tops) and Clearspan (sloping tops). Both options work well for almost any event and can come with stage covers, silk linings, and multiple layouts.

Likewise, both versions can come in different sizes, including 3mx3x, 6mx3m, 4.5mx4.5x and 6mx6m. Also, if you need something bigger than six meters, you can hire two or more marquees and place them side by side, with or without a side covering, to give a larger or more intimate setting.

Along with everything else, you’ve also got other accessories that can be included, such as lighting, window walls, glass doors and silk lining.

Durable And Lightweight

The best part of marquee hire in Melbourne is that you’ve got a durable item, yet it is stylish and elegant, as well. They are lightweight and won’t cause any damage to the ground, but will withstand wind and rain.


When choosing the location, it’s best to give plenty of room. Whether you’ve decided to hold the party in your backyard or want to hire a venue, you can still use marquees. However, the company you select will likely send a representative to the location to give advice on where it should be placed and if it is safe enough to place where you hope it to go.

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