Saving Money on Your Energy Bills with Double Glazing

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Business

How much money do you have to set aside each month to afford your energy bills? Is it a couple of hundred dollars? Maybe even a couple of thousand dollars? If you are not happy with the amount of money you are paying to heat and cool the home, improve home comfort and your bank balance with double glazing. Central Glass offers double glazing services that could potentially lower your bills and enhance your quality of life. If you’re not sure how these windows work, learn the basics.

Two Panes of Glass

A normal window will be designed with a single pane of glass and there are many problems associated with this. First and foremost, single pane windows do not block out sound disruption from the outside world as well as double glazing does. Secondly, these windows are more prone to breaking and will not stop heat from escaping quite like two panes of glass will.

Gas-Filled Layer

It is the layer of gas that separates the two panes of glass that makes double glazing so energy efficient. You can think of this gas-filled layer as a kind of barrier that absorbs cold and warm air, thus preventing the interior temperature from changing, no matter what the climate may be outside. This layer of gas can also absorb impact pretty well, proving double glazed windows to be a safe solution if you are concerned about storm damage or intruders trying to break an entry.

Hiring a Window Fitter

Not every window fitter will be able to install double glazing, so do make sure they have relevant experience before getting in contact with fitters in your area. Aside from possessing knowledge on this type of window, they should also have a long list of positive references, own top-of-the-range tools and know how to take measurements accordingly.

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