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Queensland is on the Rise

As purveyors of office space in Brisbane, we are intrinsically connected to the business world in Queensland. Our home state has been good to us: a remarkable period of growth here has meant the area has prospered, and once-quiet towns have grown in to lucrative cities.

However, with commodities appearing to be in a long-term global slump, some pundits and politicians doubt the ability of the state to continue to prosper. This can happen to areas which are heavily involved with the resources sector, but Queensland is not one of those.

First, the education sector, which has grown along with the resources sector, has meant that a large cohort of young professionals is waiting in the wings for a shot at prosperity. They are hungry, opportunistic, and tech-savvy – they won’t be held down by a mere slump in resource pricing. Watch for them.

Secondly, the entrepreneurial spirit of Queenslanders everywhere means they are the antithesis of the one-trick pony. Self-made men and women abound here, and a resource slump can be an excellent time to make good on some long-held plans to strike up a new business.

Finally, there is one sector which will almost always hold the state of Queensland in good stead: tourism. The striking beaches and reefs of the north, along with the activity of the Gold Coast and Brisbane, has meant a steady stream of curious people will continue to flock here.

So chin up, from your friends at Corporate House!

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