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New Recovery Devices Can Help Your Aching Back

If you’ve never heard of massage guns, you aren’t alone. Many people haven’t had a chance to check it out or use it. Those who have may call it a torture device because it focuses on massaging the soft tissues of your body. Of course, that indicates that it will hurt when you use it because deep-tissue massages and foam rolling are designed to hurt, but it hurts because it is relieving the stress and tension in your muscles. It is also designed to increase blood flow and break up old scar tissue.

In the past, massage guns have only been available to fitness professionals and physical therapists, but models are coming out that are relatively inexpensive and still does the job. For example, the RP2.0 is one of these new models, and it has a quiet motor and a tilting handle to give you an ergonomic grip regardless of where you’re using it. You also get an auto-stop feature and five different speeds from which to choose. If that weren’t enough, you get four different attachments, such as the ball, bullet, flathead, and fort. You can relieve stress in the muscles and feel more relaxed without having to visit a physical therapist now!

Recovery Pro offers a couple of products that are designed to relax the muscles and reduce tension in the body. The RP2.0 massage gun is similar to other popular brands, but it is priced lower to be a suitable alternative for people on a budget. You’ll also find RP Ice Compression and a Shaker Bottle. The goal is for you to workout hard and enjoy the sweaty, muscle-building session immensely while being able to focus just as much energy on your recovery. You’ll find that the products offered by the company can help you do that.

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