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Learn The Truth Behind The Fiction Of An Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sometimes, the problem with the Internet is that there is so much information, and it can vary between correct and incorrect, especially when you consider the role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant. Understanding the truth behind the fiction can be nearly impossible, especially if you use sources that aren’t medical in nature. Whether you’re searching for an OTA or want to become one, knowing the factual information is essential.


Many times, community colleges will offer OTA classes, but it is important that you choose one that is accredited and offers the right type of degree. Many people believe that there are online schools that provide you with the OTA degree, but this is untrue. If you want to become an occupational therapy assistant, you must attend university, which takes about two years. The first year is devoted to classroom instruction while the second offers hands-on training options in hospitals and private facilities.

Many countries require a two-year degree, but it is important to find out the requirements for your country or area.


In Australia, your license or registration renewal will be every year, in most cases, by 30 November. There will be fees involved and if you do not renew the registration by the end of the calendar year, it will lapse, and you will not be allowed to practise until it is renewed.


There are many places where you can work, so it is important to consider this before jumping into your career. You will be working with a variety of individuals, each with different needs and backgrounds. It is best that you can get along with all sorts of people, whether old or young and that you are friendly in nature. You may choose to work in public schools with physically challenged children or a hospital facility helping women with emotional needs.

An occupational therapy assistant can wear many hats, meaning they may do many different tasks each day. You may answer phones one day, check patient charts for errors or create charts. Every day could be a different adventure.


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