Eyebrow Feathering Course In Sydney: Considerations

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Eyebrow Specialists

An eyebrow feathering course in Sydney teaches people how to create near-perfect feathered eyebrows. More and more women want beautiful eyebrows, which is why the cosmetic tattooing industry has come so far. If you are passionate about eyebrows and helping others look their best, now is the best time to start training. Technicians who already have the skills might want to take a refresher course to keep up with the latest trends and methods.

Crystal Vongphrachanh is a PhiBrows Microblading Master through PhiAcademy in Australia. She realised that she wasn’t using her artistic flair and creativity through her work, so she chose to do something different. At this point in her life, Crystal discovered Microblading. Since this was, at the time, a new procedure in Australia, she travelled to Malaysia to take a course. After setting up her salon, Crystal discovered PhiBrows with its unique stroke patterns. She hosted a course and completed it, as well. It was a career changer for her, so she now offers an eyebrow feathering course in Sydney to those who want to learn. It’s important to know that becoming a Microblading artists takes dedication and support. You won’t feel lost or confused with these courses because someone works with you and is there each step of the way.

An eyebrow feathering course in Sydney offers many advantages. You’ll sharpen your skills and learn the right technique. The goal is to fill in sparse eyebrows with faux brow hairs that look natural and real. A special blade is used to achieve the best results. Enrolling in such a course helps you learn all the elements, such as measuring and drawing, colour selection, and creating fine hair strokes. These courses can be taken by anyone, though you might require some basic training. Crystal Von has beginner and advanced courses available so that you can learn at your pace.

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