Electrical Compliance Certificate Regulations: Considerations

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Electrician

Any electrician who performs work on a commercial or residential property must submit a certificate of compliance for any work they’ve done. Electrical compliance certificate regulations are strict because it is imperative that all electrical work is performed safely and that the work is done correctly. For example, rules state that you must apply a serial number to the certificate and it must be unique.

Electrical compliance certificate regulations require that multiple people receive a copy of the CCEW, or Certificate of Compliance for electrical work. For example, the person for whom you’re doing the work must get one, the electricity provider needs one (when any installation work is also connected to their network), and the government is likely to require a copy. Sometimes, they do not require that you send them a copy, though they want you to keep a copy of it in your files that they can request to see at any time within the next five years. Failure to comply and fill out these forms (and give them to the appropriate people) can result in substantial fines and could end up costing you your license.

At QuickSafety, their primary goal is to help you deal with electrical compliance certificate regulations quickly and easily. To do that, they make it lodging compliance instantaneous from your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to fill out any paperwork or file it away. If you aren’t online, your information is saved and stored, allowing you to upload it to your computer when you get back to work. Along with such, you can ensure secure storage of the information for five years. You never have to worry about finding a compliance certificate again because if you’ve lodged it, it’s stored securely.

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