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Dentist – Turn Your Fear Into A Healthy Smile


Dental anxiety or fear can cause you to avoid getting preventative exams because you’re nervous or anxious about the procedure. You may have had a painful or negative experience earlier in life, which means you’re sometimes postponing necessary care. It is imperative that you talk to your dentist or choose the ones at Wagga Family Dentist that you are anxious or scared. They have a variety of techniques to make you feel comfortable and help you relax during long or complicated procedures.

Types Of Anxiety

Almost everyone feels some degree of stress while they visit their dentist. The thought of all those sharp, scary instruments in your mouth, or the bright light shining in your eye is enough to make anyone shake. You may fear pain, have a negative history with dentists, or dislike the lack of personal space you get while in the chair. All of these anxiety types can be prevented or stopped, which can help you achieve a healthy smile.

Soft Hands

The phrase soft-handed refers to the dentist being gentle while inside your mouth. They will work carefully so that their instruments and tools don’t bang other teeth and will try to be as quiet as possible, though drills and other loud tools may be required.

Topical Gel

If you require anaesthesia, most dentists are more than willing to apply a topical gel to your gums or roof of the mouth first. This is a potent topical ointment that will numb the area, so you don’t have to feel the shot of local anaesthesia.

Other Options

Sedation dentistry is another way to help you turn your fear of the dentist into a healthier smile. They can give you muscle relaxants and oral sedatives to help you relax during the procedure or can offer general anaesthesia, so you’re almost asleep during the entire procedure.

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