Dental Implants Allow For No More Teething Troubles

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Dental Care

As children, teeth fell out regularly and was part of life, so you never worried about it. In fact, you probably hoped for it to happen to get money for the fallen tooth. As teens, broken or chipped teeth were a badge of bravery from an accident or fight. As an adult, however, a missing tooth can lead to problems with your appearance and shifting teeth. Likewise, adults are more likely to skip a visit to the dentist because of fear or price. However, dental implants can be the answer you seek.

What Are They?

To better understand the implant, it’s important to know the anatomy of a tooth. Your teeth are made up of the root and the crown. The root is beneath the gum line, and you don’t see it or feel it unless there’s a problem. The crown is the white part that you brush and see when the mouth is open. When a tooth falls out or is knocked out, the root dies quickly. In some cases, root canals are possible, as well as other options. For most, however, those choices aren’t as easy to deal with as an implant.

The implant uses titanium steel to replace the tooth root. They are attached to the jawbone and will disappear into the gum line, just like a real root. The prosthetic tooth is then placed onto the steel rod, looking just like a real tooth.

How It Works

The professionals at National Periodontics will examine the teeth thoroughly, as well as the bone structure and any illnesses you have suffered from in the past or are suffering from now. Because some ailments can directly affect how or if the implant takes to your body, it’s essential that they know everything. Then, the implant can be placed, and you’ll wait three to six weeks for a full recovery so the prosthetic tooth can be attached.

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