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Condolence Gifts – A Lasting And Perfect Tribute To A Loved One

In recent years, it has become the trend to send sympathy gifts other than traditional flowers. They can be sent directly to the home of a loved one or funeral homes and can be more meaningful than a bouquet of flowers that will ultimately die. These lasting tributes can be great to give and receive. Likewise, you’ll find many thoughtful and beautiful options at Love Our Work, so you can stand apart from the crowd and remember the loved one in a unique way.

Potted Plants/Flowers

The goal for most people is to send off a condolence gift that will last for years. If that is one of your goals, consider a potted plant or flower. It is similar to offering a bouquet in sympathy of the loved one who passed, but it will live as long as it is cared for and watered. Choose appropriate colours and styles, such as peace lilies or go for something a little different, such as orchids.

Traditional Bouquet

You can never, ever go wrong with a traditional bouquet of flowers to remember a loved one. While it may not be as unique as other options and may not last as long, they can still press the petals into a large book and keep it as a remembrance piece in a photo album or picture frame.

Fruit Baskets

Many people, during bereavement and grief, don’t cook for themselves and don’t eat properly. You can help them through their time of need by sending a fruit basket filled with delicious fruits. It will help them eat and snack healthy during their pain, but will also give them a boost of colour and happiness in their time of sadness.


You can find a variety of other condolence gifts, including stuffed animals, candy towers, and more.

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