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Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Is The Best Option For Healthy Living

Cold-pressed juices are not the same as traditional fruit juices you find in the supermarket. For one thing, supermarkets must have shelf-stable items, meaning they must be able to sit on the shelf or in the refrigerated section for up to four weeks before being sold, and then must be able to sit in the consumer’s refrigerator for a week or two. That means they have to incorporate additives and preservatives to ensure that the item will last until it is consumed. With a cold pressed juice cleanse, the fresh fruit or vegetable is juiced to extract all the nutrients from the food without using any agitation, aeration or heat. The raw foods are ground down slowly and then filtered and pressed at room temperature or a little below.

Why It’s The Best

This option is considered the best way to living healthy because there is no heat to cook or pasteurise the enzymes of the fruit and vegetable matter. Because there is no or very little aeration of the juices, there is less oxidisation, meaning the product will be fresher for a longer period. While you’ll still need to consume it within a few days, it will last more than a few if need be.


Everyone understands the benefits of eating raw vegetables and fruit, but you also know that it can be tough to get the recommended five servings per day. At most, people are getting one to two servings with their lunch and dinner meal. Therefore, juicing can be an alternative option so you still get the benefits of consumption without having to eat a bunch of carrots, celery, strawberries and the like. However, recent evidence has suggested that frequent juicing techniques as part of your detoxification programme or diet can also provide multiple health benefits.

There are now many juicing diets out there, which can do different things, such as boost your energy, clean your liver and more.

Centrifugal and Cold-Pressed

Cold-pressed versions are the best option for many, because it produces natural, raw juices instead of cooked, pasteurised versions. Centrifugal versions will pulp the ingredients first before extracting the liquid. The problem is that it uses heat and can put a lot of air into the liquid, which can cause it to be partially pasteurised and aerated. This process can also cause more nutrients to be lost, which is why cold-pressing versions are considered the better option.

Cold pressed juice is the best way to healthy living because you aren’t pasteurising the juices or adding preservatives to keep it fresh. Visit Karmic Cold Pressed Juice today to learn more.

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