Choosing The Perfect Skylight For Your Roof

by | May 4, 2016 | Business

If you’ve decided that you need more natural light in your life, you may choose to renovate your roof to include a skylight or two. However, selecting the perfect option can be slightly challenging, which is why it’s helpful to know what you want, what you can afford and more. Whether you want natural light streaming throughout your home or want to brighten up a windowless bathroom or closet, you need to determine correct placement and more.


The south-facing roofs will bring the most light and the most heat, both in the winter and summer. While extra heating in the winter can be excellent, it could cause higher utility bills in the summer. However, if you also have trees that overhang your roofing, it will help filter out the extra heat and may still work.

If you prefer an afternoon glow, it may be best to place your skylights on the west-facing part of the roofing. This is also excellent if you prefer the sun-setting light.


While tubular skylights aren’t the prettiest option, they can produce less heat, offer lots of natural light and make the rooms bright and sunny. However, if you want something that looks aesthetically pleasing, it may not be the best option for you.

Traditional Window-Style

The window-style skylight is the most common and most popular because it looks just like a window and can function as such, as well. Many styles are available, including modern, contemporary and more. Therefore, you may want to browse the options available from the company you select to determine what will work for your budget and style preferences.


It’s important to consider the windows you currently have in the home (and any skylights you already have). If you have lots of windows, it may be better to use multiple smaller skylights, but if you have fewer windows, a larger skylight (or two) may work better.

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