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Choosing The Most Appropriate Spill Kit For Your Company

Many industrial workshops and factories wonder if a spill kit is a necessity or just something else they have to plan for and buy. Every industrial place will encounter a spillage or leak at some point, even if the company is small or large. If you’re using or storing oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, batteries, chemicals or any other liquid, a spill kit is necessary to prevent the spill from polluting land and waterways, as well as protecting your building and employees.

How To Choose

Because they are so important, you want to ensure you choose the most appropriate one for your needs. However, there are three fundamental questions to answer to help you determine which is right for your needs.

What liquids will be absorbed? It’s necessary to determine which liquids or solutions that could be spilled throughout the facility. The kit you choose will have the appropriate Socks, Mats, and Absorbent Powder to quickly and safely absorb the liquid. Therefore, it’s important to know the type of fluid to determine which kits are most appropriate. EcoSpill offers three primary varieties, including chemical, fuels/oils, and non-aggressive chemicals.

How much will be absorbed? Worst-case scenarios are what you are considering here. It probably won’t happen, but how big of a spill could you be looking at if something went wrong. The container can range from 20L to 400L, and larger spills may require a trailer.

Does the kit need to be transportable? It’s always best to keep the spill kit near to the things that could be spilled. However, factories and warehouses may not be built to allow enough room. Therefore, you may need to use wheelie bin kits, carry bags and other options. You can even find options for confined spaces and others.

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